The CompactPCI card cPCIDIO offers 32 optically isolated digital I/O, optimised for 24V. Each digital I/O can be used as digital input or output and interrupt source as needed. The board also features a Timer an and a Watchdog for the outputs.

The main applications areas are automation technology, process technology, measurement technology, control technology and in construction of test control units.


  • 32 digital I/O, optically / galvanically isolated from the computer and optimised for 24V (binary)
  • Each IO freely usable as an input or output and interrupt source
  • Galvanic isolation voltage min. 1500Vrms


  • Max. 1A output current per output
  • Direct connection of resistive, capacitive or inductive loads
  • Permanently short-circuit proof with automatic restart attempts and overvoltage protection
  • Short-circuit recognition for diagnostic purposes
  • Programmable, computer-independent Watchdog for the outputs


  • Switching threshold optimised for 24VDC
  • Input current at 24VDC approx. 3 mA each input
  • Each input can trigger interrupts, with programmable edge
  • Unused inputs can be left open

Other features

  • 32 bit CompactPCI bus card (Universal card for 5V/33MHz and 3.3V/66MHz slots) with 4HP for 3U CompactPCI systems
  • 3 additional jumpers for distinguishing up to 8 cards within the same CompactPCI bus system
  • Programmable 24 bit, 10 MHz Timer with interrupt operation
  • External supply of output transistors and the optical isolation via the connector of the board with 24VDC +/- 30%
  • Optional clamp module with spring force connection for user-friendly wiring
  • Comprehensive software for Windows 7 (64/32 Bit), Vista (64/32 Bit), XP (64/32 Bit), Windows 2K (32 Bit) and DOS included
  • RoHS compliant
  • Customised modifications and drivers possible upon request
  • Also available as plug-compatible and software-compatible PCI board PCIDIO


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